• Pick n Mix Slim Multi Vixen Scarf
    Design your own bespoke multi vixen scarf. Select four colours from our wonderful array of faux furs and mix them until the vixen scarf is just right for you! view Pick n Mix Slim Multi Vixen Scarf
  • Best Selling 2018 Capsule Collection
    The Capsule Collection 2018 focuses on the play of colour and silhouette in a range of outstanding new designs. From the sharp and symmetrical cut of the Diagonal Scarf to the cool Hooded Gilet, texture and shaping are key. view Capsule
  • Hats & Huffs
    Faux fur hats and headbands, Cashmere beanies and berets. view Hats & Huffs
  • Scarves
    Faux fur accessories that are perfect for this season, from colourful new designs to timeless classics from Helen Moore view Scarves & Stoles
  • Faux Fur Collars
    A fantastic variety of collars to dress up jumpers, jackets and coats. view Collars
  • Outerwear
    Luxurious bomber jackets, waitcoats and gilets. Faux fur style and texture all year round. view Outerwear
  • Faux Fur Bags & Purses
    Coin purses, Micro Bags, Clutches and Tote bags, all made in the softest faux furs. view Bags & Purses
  • Faux Fur Pom-Poms
    Wonderfully fluffy faux fur pom poms on key rings, shoe clips and concorde clips. Accessorize a favourite bag, dress up a pair of shoes, or wear as a hair clip. view Pom-Poms
  • Wrist Warmers
    Little accessories to brighten up coats, jumpers and jackets and keep you warm in style. view Wrist Warmers
  • Shoe Accessories
    Shoe Accessories to add texture and individuality... we call them 'Shooves'. view Shoe Accessories
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